Empowering Dental Services in Vietnam

In the realm of dental services in Vietnam, my role as a product designer for MediMe was guided by the aspiration to create a powerful online presence for the platform. MediMe serves as an online gateway, facilitating seamless access to the finest medical and aesthetic services of exceptional quality and value. It’s a platform that not only empowers users but also equips medical and cosmetic service providers with the tools they need to effectively approach, manage, and care for their clients.

Project Overview

My mission as a product designer was to craft a compelling website and landing page for MediMe, specifically tailored to the dental service sector in Vietnam. The aim was to create an inviting digital space that would resonate with both users seeking quality medical and cosmetic services and service providers looking for effective client management solutions. I embraced the challenge of building this multi-lingual platform from the ground up, leveraging cutting-edge solutions in web design and code development.

Project Goals

Design an Inviting Website

The primary objective was to design a visually appealing and highly functional website and landing page. It had to reflect MediMe’s commitment to quality and value while ensuring seamless access for users.

Enhance User Experience

User experience was at the forefront of my design strategy. I aimed to create a comfortable yet swift user journey, prioritizing performance and ease of use.

Features & Enhancements

Attractive Sliding Blocks:

I introduced visually captivating sliding blocks to engage visitors and effectively communicate key information. These blocks not only enhanced the visual appeal but also conveyed the essence of MediMe’s services.

Stunning Mobile-Friendly Design:

Recognizing the significance of mobile accessibility, I prioritized a visually stunning and responsive design. This ensured that users on various devices could access the platform seamlessly.

User-Friendly, Bot-Protected Forms:

My focus was on designing user-friendly forms with robust spam protection. The security measures in place did not compromise the user experience, ensuring smooth and secure interactions.

Comfortable, Swift User Experience:

A comfortable and fast user experience was pivotal. I meticulously designed the platform to offer a seamless and efficient user journey, creating a positive impression for both users and service providers.

My journey as a product designer with MediMe was one of design innovation and empowerment. Together, we have crafted a compelling digital space that empowers users to access top-tier medical and cosmetic services while providing service providers with effective client management tools. The commitment to quality and value that MediMe embodies aligns seamlessly with my dedication to creating visually appealing, user-centric digital experiences. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to elevate MediMe’s online presence through design.

Scope of Work

Scenario Mapping
User Testing
High-fidelity Mocks

Tools Used

SVG Animation