Learning App

UX/UI Design

Project Overview

The Learning App aims to revolutionize education by incentivizing users to cultivate a regular study routine through financial rewards. My project encompasses a comprehensive redesign of the existing app, the incorporation of 8 new features, and the introduction of two distinct user roles. I prioritize user-friendliness and a seamless user experience.

Project Goals

The core objective of this endeavor is to craft an intuitive application that spurs users towards studying while concurrently enabling them to accrue supplementary income. Additionally, the app should furnish a space for users to monitor their advancement and garner incentives upon attaining their study milestones.

Redesign current app

Enhance the overall look and feel of the app.

Improve user interface and navigation.

Add 8 new features

Expand the app’s functionality to provide more value to users.

Enhance user engagement and retention.

Include 2 user roles

Cater to different user needs and preferences.

Personalize the learning experience for each role.

Learn & Earn

How well are people embracing the idea of getting paid for staying productive? And guess what’s topping the charts? Getting paid to study! It might sound too good to be true, but yes, you can actually earn money while hitting the books. Beyond just riding the wave of personal growth, there are even more reasons to feel motivated about adopting this habit.

Scope of Work

Customer Journey Map





Typical Questions

Is this program based on income?

How much can I make?

What occurs after I’ve submitted my reading task?

Do I qualify for the rewards?

After finishing the tasks, how much time should I expect to wait before receiving my rewards?


Excited to give a shot to an app

Feeling hopeful that an app like this could really work wonders

Delighted by the positive reviews

Absolutely thrilled after earning


I’m eager to discover how I can start earning quickly

What kind of equipment will I require for the task?

What if I don’t finish my task?

Wow, that task was really simple for me!

I’m incredibly excited – now I can earn while studying!

Features & Enhancements

Learn & Earn Rewards:

Users can earn money while studying, providing a unique incentive for productivity.

Track and accumulate earnings based on study time.

Study Challenges:

Engage users with various study challenges and competitions.

Foster a sense of achievement and friendly competition among learners.

Customizable Study Plans:

Allow users to create personalized study plans.

Set study goals, milestones, and preferred study hours.

Peer Learning Communities:

Create virtual study groups for collaborative learning.

Users can connect with peers, share knowledge, and support each other.

Progress Tracking & Analytics:

Provide detailed insights into study progress.

Track study time, completion rates, and performance metrics.

Interactive Quizzes & Tests:

Enhance learning through interactive quizzes and assessments.

Offer instant feedback and performance analysis.

Virtual Tutors & Mentors:

Connect users with experienced mentors and tutors.

Offer guidance, feedback, and personalized learning paths.

Study Rewards Marketplace:

Enable users to redeem their earnings for educational resources.

Access a marketplace with books, courses, and educational tools.

User Roles


Individuals seeking to improve their knowledge and skills.

Utilize the app to earn money, track progress, and engage with peers.

Mentors & Tutors:

Experienced educators and experts.

Provide guidance, support, and mentorship to learners.

Earn by assisting others in their learning journeys.

User Flow

Lo-Fi Designs (Wireframes)

Comfortable, yet fast user experience

The Learning App Redesign project is poised to transform the education landscape. By revamping the existing app, introducing innovative features, and accommodating diverse user roles, I aim to inspire a love for learning and make education not only rewarding but also enjoyable. My commitment to user-friendliness and a seamless experience underscores our dedication to educational excellence.

Scope of Work

Market Research
Competitive Analysis
Scenario Mapping
User Testing
Brand Identity
High-fidelity mocks

Tools Used

Axure PR