House of Ukraine

UX/UI Design

The House of Ukraine project involved a captivating transformation, where I collaborated with the cultural museum and community center in San Diego to create an engaging online presence. This endeavor aimed to not only showcase Ukraine’s rich heritage but also facilitate support for advocacy, humanitarian aid, and civilian rehabilitation. The outcome is an aesthetically pleasing and user-centric website that seamlessly connects individuals with all facets of Ukrainian culture.

Project Overview

The House of Ukraine sought a complete redesign, combining artistry with functionality to convey Ukraine’s cultural depth. My mission was to craft a digital platform that effortlessly communicates Ukraine’s heritage and facilitates engagement in crucial initiatives. The project reflects a commitment to user-friendliness and a harmonious experience.

Project Goals

Redesign the Online Space

Elevate the website’s visual appeal and user interface.

Streamline navigation for a seamless user journey.

Enhance Support Channels

Foster connections and simplify support for advocacy, humanitarian aid, and civilian rehabilitation.

Promote Cultural Exploration

Showcase the House of Ukraine’s diverse projects and their impact on the community.

Encourage visitors to explore and engage with Ukrainian culture.

Features & Enhancements

Interactive Event Calendar:

Crafted a user-friendly calendar showcasing upcoming community events.

Provides quick access to event details, encouraging participation.

Project Showcase:

Highlighted key projects, including Culture & Language, Humanitarian Aid, Advocacy, and Civilian Rehabilitation.

Offers comprehensive insights into the House of Ukraine’s initiatives and their transformative influence.

News & Updates:

Developed a dedicated news section to keep visitors informed about the latest events, stories, and developments at the House of Ukraine.

Promotes community engagement and awareness.

Streamlined Support:

Simplified the process of contributing to humanitarian efforts, particularly during the Russian war against Ukraine.

Ensured a user-friendly and accessible donation experience.

The House of Ukraine Redesign project symbolizes a harmonious blend of artistry and functionality. It conveys Ukraine’s cultural richness while offering straightforward ways to support vital causes. My dedication to creating a user-friendly and visually engaging digital space ensures that individuals can effortlessly connect with the Ukrainian culture and contribute to meaningful initiatives. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to enrich the House of Ukraine’s online presence.

Scope of Work

Scenario Mapping
User Testing
High-fidelity Mocks
Payment Gateways Research

Tools Used

Axure PR